Name                                            :    Nankumba Eveline

Gender                                         :     Female

Age                                                 :     9 years

Date of Birth                               :      20TH/04/2008

Class of study                              :      Primary Two

Nationality                                    :      Ugandan

Area of Residence                      :       Kitala, Entebbe

Physical Disability                      :       None

District                                            :        Wakiso

Child’s status                                :         Vulnerable, and abandoned

Mother                                            :         Namutebi Annet

Father                                              :          Nsimbe Eddie

More details about the child  

   Her mother Namutebi Annet is a mother to three children , Eveline ,Sumaiyah and Akram. Eveline is an abandoned child her father left her when she was 5 years and Namutebi being a single mother. She experience a lot of problems and difficulties to educate Eveline , provide medical service and others, Eveline has a dream of being a doctor and her best subjects are science and Mathematics. She is seeking for help inform of school fees , school requirement and others. In case you can help, feel free to contact us for more details.