Mirembe Nakabugo

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Name                              : Mirembe Nakabugo

Gender                           : Female

Age                                  : 5 years

Date of birth                  : 18th/12/2012

Nationality                    : Ugandan

Area of residence        : Kitala

Physical disability      : None

District                         : Wakiso

Child status                 : Vulnerable

Mother                         : Namubiru Juliet

Father                           : Musisi Jonathan

Child details

Mirembe Nakabugo is a daughter to Namubiru Juliet .Her father abondened her when she was still young .Mirembe has a dream of becoming a doctor in the future.Mirembe’s mother cannot afford paying for her school fees yet her daughter is bright and hard working in class .She likes playing with friends at school and home .Her mother has come seeking for help in form of school fees to help her daughter continue with education so that she can achieve her dreams

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