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Name                                                      :    Namutebi Jane

Gender                                                   :     Female

Age                                                          :     11 years

Date of Birth                                         :     15th/07/2006

Class of study                                       :      Primary Six

Nationality                                            :      Ugandan

Area of Residence                                :       Kitala

Physical Disability                               :       None

District                                                   :        Wakiso

Child’s status                                        :         Vulnerable

Mother                                                   :         Namuli Fausta

Father                                                    :          Kizito Edward

More details                                         :         Her mother Namuli Fausta is a mother to seven children. Namutebi is an abondoned child her father left her when she was still young and Namuli being a single mother. She experience a lot of problems and difficults to educate Namutebi , provide medical service and others to her, Namutebi has a dream of becoming a teacher and her best subjects are Social Studies and English.  She is seeking for help inform of school fees , school requirement and others to achieve her dream.

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Name                       : Wasswa Kafuma

Gender                    :  Male

Age                          : 11 years

Date of birth          : 10th/12/2006

Nationality             :   Ugandan

Area of residence  :    Kitala

physical disability:   None

District                   :  Wakiso

Child’s status        :   Vulnerable and Orphan

Mother                   : Naggaga Getrida

Father                    :

Child’s details   

Wasswa is an Orphan, he stays with his Mother Naggaga Getrida. Wasswa as for now is not studing due to insufficient school fees,school requirements and others . Wasswa has a dream of becoming a Pilot, his best subjects are math and sst ,he likes playing football. He is seeking for help, in form of school fees, medical services and others


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